Cookie Doodle

A selection of cookies, ready to be eaten

Confession: I once used whole-wheat flour to make a chocolate chip cookie cake. It was (predictably) horrible.

My daughter on the other hand, is a master chef. Not just because of her awesome TV show and the tutelage of her mother. She’s constantly mixing ingredients, rolling out dough, using cookie cutters, baking, decorating and of course, eating her creations.


Cookie Doodle is an app for iPhone and iPad which allows kids to recreate the cookie making process in a fun, innovative way. To pour in the milk, you tilt the iPhone. To add salt, you shake it. Then, there are the cookie cutters. Dozens and dozens of cookie cutters to keep kids engaged and creative. The combinations of types of dough, colors of icing and piping, candies and cookie shapes are endless. To put an exclamation mark on the whole process, when done, your child gets to choose a plate and tablecloth and (again, virtually) eat the cookies.

It seems silly; but we have gotten more use out of this one app than probably all of our others combined. The iPad version in particular is a lot of fun because you can see your creations up close. And who doesn’t want to “eat” a really big cookie.

Cookie Doodle is available in the iTunes app store