I love a good To-Do list, so when I saw Summer To-Do lists popping up all over Pinterest, I knew I had to make one as well.

It makes sense: Summers fly by. There are so many things to do and there is so little time to do it before school resumes and the weather cools down.

Elliot helped me with some of this list, but most of it was my own doing. It’s funny to me that there are three references to pie on this list. I should note that the ‘Determine Our 9 Favorite Kinds of Pie’ comes from Harold and the Purple Crayon. Elliot and I always wonder what nine favorite kinds of pie Harold draws for his picnic, and we’ve decided we need to know what are our nine favorite kinds of pie.

A bunch of these are already planned and/or paid for, but some of them are going to be challenges, such as “Make Pickles” and “Tie Dye”. The biggest challenge is going to be the Sunflower Fort, which I need to plant ASAP.

What’s on your list?