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Save the King

Save the King

  a short film by Elliot Jane Ruby (age 6)  
LOElliot: 05 - Star Wars

LOElliot: 05 – Star Wars

Elliot and her dad talk about the original Star Wars trilogy. Elliot also talks about her favorite characters and recites most of the movie from memory.
LOElliot: 04 - Movie Reviews

LOElliot: 04 – Movie Reviews

Elliot reviews THE LITTLE MERMAID, DESPICABLE ME and MONSTERS INC. Plus tacos and mermaid camp.
LOElliot: 03 - Pony Primer

LOElliot: 03 – Pony Primer

Elliot gives a rundown of all her favorite ponies from her new favorite show MY LITTLE PONY.
LOElliot: 02 - Mouth Typing

LOElliot: 02 – Mouth Typing

Elliot and her dad talk about skinning cats, playing in the snow and their upcoming trip to Utah.
Dress Up: Elliot Jane Super Hero

Dress Up: Elliot Jane Super Hero

Meet Elliot Jane: Super Hero. She has a wide assortment of gadgets and skills that she unleashes on "The Bad Guys".
LOElliot: 01 - Mustache Song

LOElliot: 01 – Mustache Song

Elliot and her dad talk about a dancing mustache, a girl who really likes to eat ham and great gifts for 3 year-olds.
We Built this City!

We Built this City!

From the Archives: December 19, 2011 Elliot sings her favorite song for you!
Review: Winnie the Pooh (2011)

Review: Winnie the Pooh (2011)

Elliot goes on her first trip to a movie theater and sees WINNIE THE POOH. This is her review.